Our principles


When it comes to complex project development and the refurbishment of existing properties, FOM is the value-driven, committed and reliable development partner for institutional investors. Our actions are characterised by the following principles:

We do not shy away from large or complex projects. When we discover an opportunity, we also find a creative idea for the property or building and realise the potential value.
With our experience and dedication, we find a future-oriented use for any property and building. We create value with this passion.
In every project, we proceed with the optimum partners with whom we have maintained lasting business relations over many years. We create value with this individual approach on solid foundations.
When we are convinced of a project, we make decisions quickly and take entrepreneurial risks. We find a way to develop value.
Our investment partners can fully rely on us. We deliver every project in accordance with the agreed times, costs and quality. We assume responsibility for this.
We act in an earnest, open and honest manner. We always find joint solutions even in difficult situations.

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