FOM conducts active management of its own office properties and also does so on behalf of third parties where it carries out facility management as well as leasing and marketing.

Aside from the asset management of its own holdings, FOM, in its capacity as a service provider, also assesses third-party real-estate portfolios and functions as a co-investor for these.

In addition to networks in each of the various regions and excellent knowledge of the market, real-estate asset management also encompasses strategic and operational oversight, planning and control of all related activities aimed at optimizing the profitability of the real estate and increasing the value of the properties.

To this end, FOM deploys active measures that are fine-tuned to the situation at hand. The value potentials are ascertained and refined through measures such as reassignment, optimization of earnings, refurbishment and optimization based on existing building legislation so as to attain successful marketing within the scope of an active buy-and-sell strategy. As the need arises, FOM develops a re-structuring of the financing and implements it.