From the beginning of 2019, the demolition ball at the Landsberger Strasse 350 site in Munich will create space for new developments. Until then, FOM Real Estate and project development partner AXA – IM Real Assets have provided an extraordinary interim use.

The Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA) was offered the opportunity to create and present modern art in a large part of the buildings. Under the name KUNSTLABOR, 50 artists present a broad spectrum of contemporary art in 50 designed rooms on 5,000 square metres. Art that not only plays with the spatial aspects of the building, but also deals with sociopolitical issues, sometimes critically, sometimes with a twinkle in its eye.

Enormous file collections become labyrinths of bureaucracy and the bureaucrats meet in the dog office for a loosely organized working day. Garbage, with pink flamingo in the centre, transforms an old office space into a floating garbage dump. Sprayers, painters and object artists give free rein to their creative ideas.

The vernissage of the exhibition was celebrated together with the Süddeutsche Zeitung in their series „Kultursalon“. Guest among others was the well-known graffiti writing artist Mathias Köhler AKA „Loomit“, in conversation with Mrs. Hermanski of the SZ.

From 2019, the area on Landsberger Strasse will be the stage for a new building: a groundbreaking office development in the west of Munich is being created. FOM Real Estate GmbH is thus returning to Munich. FOM has already realised city-shaping architecture such as the TenTowers, MAN Headquarters, Hofstatt and SZ Hochhaus.


The Bavarian Television about the KUNSTLABOR